Alzheimer's Daughter

The Story

Alzheimer’s Daughter introduces the reader to my healthy parents, Ed and Ibby, years before their diagnosis, then recounts painful details as our roles reversed and I became my parents’ parent.

Their disease started as translucent, confused thoughts and ended in a locked memory care unit after a near decade of descent into the opaque world of Alzheimer's.

I began writing Alzheimer’s Daughter one week after my mother's death––when I was stunned, realizing Dad had no memory of her or their 66-year marriage.

I write to pay tribute to the undying spirit at Ed and Ibby's core, and with the hope that the story of their parallel decline might be helpful to others.

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Kathy Flora Writes a New Memoir About Caring for Her Mother Called "Walking Momma Home"

While searching the top 100 books in Alzheimer's on Amazon recently, I found Kathy Flora, author of Walking My Momma Home: Finding Love, Grace and Acceptance Through the Labyrinth of Dementia.

I reached out to Kathy and she agreed to write a post for AlzAuthors. During our conversations, I learned more about her story. What stands out in my mind is that while recovering from illness, working full time, and balancing her own family life, Kathy completed a series of moves for her mother's well-being and eventually found peace in their journey. She shares her story with you.

Kathy writes: 

Walking My Momma Home is a memoir of my mom and me. It is about love, hope, uncertainty, role reversal, courage, and the raw humanity in Mom’s experience of losing herself to this disease. And it is about the hard decisions, conflicts, relationship balancing, and soul-stretching that being her caregiver required. Our story is one of love and laughter, tears and terrors, of opening hearts, and deep emotional healing. Finally, it is a story of God’s loving patience as He guided me to grow into the woman He intends me to be through caring for my mom.

Please read the entire post here.