Alzheimer's Daughter

The Story

Alzheimer’s Daughter introduces the reader to my healthy parents, Ed and Ibby, years before their diagnosis, then recounts painful details as our roles reversed and I became my parents’ parent.

Their disease started as translucent, confused thoughts and ended in a locked memory care unit after a near decade of descent into the opaque world of Alzheimer's.

I began writing Alzheimer’s Daughter one week after my mother's death––when I was stunned, realizing Dad had no memory of her or their 66-year marriage.

I write to pay tribute to the undying spirit at Ed and Ibby's core, and with the hope that the story of their parallel decline might be helpful to others.

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

LaBena Fleming writes "Caregiver to Caregiver: a Scripture-Focused Guided Reflection Journal."

LaBena Fleming's first book, I Love You Always, One Family’s Alzheimer’s/Dementia Journey and the Lessons Learned Along the Way, details her journey as her mom's devoted caregiver. Now in her second book, LaBena lends more support to caregivers by publishing Caregiver to Caregiver, A Scripture-Focused, Guided Reflection Journal in hopes that hurried caregivers will take time for reflection and renewal of the spirit.


LaBena shares:

I feel my book is beneficial to others because I encourage them to do many of the things caregivers either don’t think to do, forget to do, or don’t think they have time to do. I encourage them to think through, experience, and write their feelings in this journal without fear of guilt, shame, or judgment. I guide them in planning to do the difficult things because those things are not going away. Most importantly, I encourage them to be kind to themselves and to look for blessings amid the pain.

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Rayna Neises, author of No Regrets: Hope for Your Caregiving Season

My heart was touched as I read Rayna Neises' memoir/caregiver guide, No Regrets; Hope for Your Caregiving Season. She allowed her book to be posted with AlzAuthors at the end of November. 

Although Rayna lived 200 miles from her dad, she and her family devised a nearly impossible plan to provide 24-hour care while keeping her father in his own home. Read Rayna's book and be inspired, knowing you are not alone in your journey.

Rayna writes:

After burying my dad in 2018 I reflected on the season of caring for him in his home with family members, paid caregivers and myself providing 24-hour care for the last 4.5 years of his life and realized I was honored, proud and thankful that I walked him all the way home, still lived a life that I loved, and had no regrets.

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